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Re: [Marxism] Re: "the main danger to the Cuban Revolution is in its own leadership"

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Subject: Re: [Marxism] Re: "the main danger to the Cuban Revolution is in its own leadership"
From: Carl Webb <carlwebb@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 15:58:34 -0400
Cc: kidvanguard@xxxxxxxx
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Exactly what kind of sophisticated analysis do you need of Vietnam,
North Korea, China, Venezuela etc?  I think it's ludicrous that you
accept without any further qualification that these states actually
represent existing socialism.


On 8/27/05, Mauricio Martinez <kidvanguard@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>   I can't think of a more undialectical, and frankly robotic statement than 
> this one right here, which only confirms Walter's statement about the 
> "regretfullness" of various sectarian analyses of actually existing socialism 
> (or attempts at socialism).
>   The question is whether Trotsky's analysis of the degeneration of the USSR 
> immediately, without any further qualification, applies to Vietnam, North 
> Korea, China, Venezuela etc. This is ludicrous. Let's remember our 
> dialectical materialism people. Lenin provides a good summary of the 
> dialectical approach in "The Three Sources and Component Parts of Marxism." 
> He defines it as the doctrine "of the relativity of human knowledge, which 
> provides us with a reflection of eternally developing matter."
>   So Trotsky's analysis of the USSR, as human knowledge, was relative to, and 
> a reflection of, a situation that has eternally developed itself out of 
> existence. I mean, what the hell?! Is it too much to ask for a more 
> sophisticated analysis than Calvinist declarations of Trotskyist dogma? 
> Really! Just goes to show you that sometimes intelligent idealism is closer 
> to intelligent materialism than vulgar materialism.

> Mauricio Martinez

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